The first step to purchase a home is lining up your cash funds or getting your financing secured; Call a reputable lender. In most cases you will need at least 3.5% for FHA or up to 20% on a conventional loan. Plan another 3% in closing costs and prepaids. Contacting a reputable, experienced and ethical lender is essential. Make sure your you feel comfortable and your lender takes time to listen to your needs, wants, questions and concerns. They will be the one to discuss current loan rates, money required and loan programs available for your situation. This is an essential step, purchasing a home can be emotional and will be time consuming. Have faith in your team and it will all work out. If you don’t have a lender at the moment, check with Danielle Coon with Prime Lending. Danielle has been in the industry for years. She’s dedicated and knowledgeable. 913-645-8900

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